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 Investment Platform

Macro Wealth Management, LLC utilizes Objective Based Asset Allocation Models. Objective based investing seeks to go beyond the traditional stocks, bonds and cash approach in order to identify the asset classes, sectors and investment approaches that should enable investors to consistently meet specific objectives with an appropriate level of risk. These strategies add what many investors refer to as a tactical or dynamic element to core strategic holdings.

At Macro Wealth Management we can tailor an asset allocation to individual circumstances through strategies designed to meet four key objectives:
  • Accumulation
  • Income
  • Inflation Management
  • Capital Stability
In addition, Macro Wealth Management has access to asset allocation models which cater to tax efficient strategies.

 Fixed Income Platform

Macro Wealth Management, LLC utilizes a bond ladder approach as our core holding for many of our client portfolios. Laddering involves building a portfolio of bonds with staggered maturities so that a portion of the portfolio will mature each year. This allows for more predictable, consistent cash flows. In addition, Macro Wealth Management’s fixed income desk is an institutional platform hence there are no mark-ups or commissions on our bonds. This institutional pricing adds value by delivering a higher yield to maturity on our laddered bond portfolios.

Goal: To achieve a total return over all interest rate changes that compares favorably to the total return of a long term bond... but with less market price and reinvestment risk.

Benefits of Laddering

  • Preservation of Capital
  • Low Volatility
  • Minimal turnover and call risk
Risk Management and Research
  • Continuous security management
  • Pre-trade compliance
  • Implement a broad diversification strategy
  • Increased control over paper (i.e. no AMT bonds)
Customized Solutions
  • Investor owns bonds
  • Potential for state focused/specific
Portfolio Overview and Comments

Structural Recommendations
  • Use proceeds to purchase notes that fit the structure of the proposed portfolio.
  • As is typically the case, our ability to purchase bonds which meet the appropriate structural quality, and maturity constraints could be impacted by market conditions. However, construction will likely be implemented within 4 to 6 weeks.
Additional Comments
  • When investing in a laddered bond strategy the concept of income versus return must be understood.
  • Although both actively managed and passive strategies consist of income and capital gains, the focus within each strategy is different. The key focus of a laddered bond strategy is the income aspect of a return. With the emphasis on income, and not total return, the portfolios turnover is lower, thus reducing capital gains.
Laddered bonds on our platform include:
  • Corporate Bonds (Investment-grade)
  • Government Bonds
  • Municipal Bonds
In addition, Macro Wealth Management, LLC also offers barbell and bullet strategies depending on the specific goals and objectives of our clients.

 Annuity Platform

Macro Wealth Management, LLC recognizes the importance of creating dependable cash flow for the client at, near or in retirement. As such, we offer an array of products that can facilitate the goal of creating income. As an enhancement to our fixed income portfolios we also offer annuity solutions depending on the specific goals and objectives of our clients.

Because distribution of assets in many cases can put strain on a typical asset allocation model it is important to look at the distribution stage in terms of the specific risks inherent to that stage.

Annuities on our Platform include:
  • Immediate Annuities
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Variable Annuities

 Insurance Platform

Macro Wealth Management, LLC takes a holistic approach to all aspects of our planning. Therefore, we do a comprehensive analysis of the protection elements of a client’s financial plan. This comprehensive analysis allows us to identify exposures that can impact a client’s long term wealth building focus. Our model essentially is a castle and a moat strategy whereby the moat (insurance) protects the castle (wealth). In addition to the basics of insurance such as life and disability we also look at asset based long term care strategies as well as longevity insurance as a way of protecting our client’s long term goals, objectives and legacy planning.

Insurance products on our Platform include:
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Longevity Insurance
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