Our Unique Approach

At Macro Wealth Management we work with a four step process.

Our process begins with an initial meeting where we spend time educating our clients on economics and monetary theory.  As part of the discovery process we get to know you and your understanding of how money works.  This is a crucial first step in that we feel being empowered with an education sets the stage for a successful relationship moving forward with all of our clients.

Our second meeting delves deeper into your specific financial situation as well as your financial objectives.  We begin by looking at all areas of your financial world in a very comprehensive and holistic fashion.  We take a diagnostic approach by integrating the economic model and by doing so we can determine exposures in not only protection but deficits in proper coordination and integration of an array of financial products. We equate the diagnostic stage to that of a financial MRI.  

Our third meeting is the design stage where we share our Executive Summary based on our findings from the Diagnostic stage as well as the integration of the Economic Model.  Here we are able to show where there are exposures, make recommendations to eliminate those exposures and more importantly discuss financial strategies designed to increase the effective and efficient flow of money between assets.  This meeting reinforces the discovery stage in that the client can now see the economic and monetary principles in action.

Once we complete our third meeting we are ready to deliver the design stage by implementing our recommendations.  As part of the delivery stage we are also monitoring any changes in the economy as well as making any updates based on the client’s unique financial situation.  We also schedule ongoing review meetings to stay abreast of any changes in the client’s overall lifestyle.  Macro Wealth Management seeks to deliver a strategic partnership to our clients by being your Macro-Manager. 

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  ~ Aristotle
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