About Macro Wealth Management

Macro Wealth Management, LLC is a firm specializing in Macro-economic and Retirement Income Distribution Planning. Because we take a holistic approach to Wealth Management we are process driven and not product driven. The goal of our firm is to act as Macro-managers in order to co-ordinate all of your advisors, carriers, other providers and the products they use to work together in your best interest.

To facilitate this process we utilize an economic model.  

By working with and coordinating all of your advisors, carriers, other providers and products via an economic model we seek to eliminate and or mitigate exposures that could impede protection and wealth creation over time. The economic model that we use is a system designed to help clients make monetary decisions based on the efficient and effective flow of money between assets. This helps our clients to obtain increased benefits and/or money supply for their enjoyment. The following are the many powerful Macro-economic principles that assist in the overall financial decision making process:
  • Building wealth without setting limits
  • The “Flow of Money” concept (Also known as Velocity of Money)
  • Cost recovery strategies
  • Maximizing access to your money
  • Tax recapture strategies
  • Maximizing protection and risk management
  • Conserving while enjoying assets
  • Having the flexibility to make changes
  • Use of an Economic Model to measure, verify and implement strategic financial decisions
Optimized financial decisions cannot be made in a micro-economic context therefore, as our name indicates we put an emphasis on the Macro or Big Picture approach to our wealth management process.

The founder of Macro Wealth Management has made it a commitment that our firm stay focused on a top down economic approach. Our firm constantly monitors the macro-economic landscape and by doing so stands ready to implement changes that can mitigate any adverse impact on our client’s overall financial and wealth building strategies.

As a team of Macro-Economic Advisors, Macro Wealth Management offers a full portfolio of services and products to a diverse client base.

“Wealth is not his that has it but his that enjoys it”  ~ Ben Franklin
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