A Unique Approach to Wealth Management

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  ~ Aristotle


Macro Wealth Management, LLC utilizes an economic model to assist you in making financial decisions.

“Right now, you tend to have investment advisors for retirees, and insurance advisors or salespersons for retirees, and it’s fairly rare to go to somebody who can sell you annuities or invest your money and has no financial incentive to tilt one way or the other. Ultimately, what I’d like to see are people who have knowledge of both annuities and investments, and who are compensated in a way that doesn’t influence the decision. “ 

– William Sharpe, Nobel laureate, Economics, 1990

We use both traditional financial investments along with insurance products where appropriate to give clients the best opportunity to achieve their goals through both the Accumulation stage of their lives (asset growth) and the distribution stage (entering retirement).

Without an economic model most plans may result in assets that are:

  • uncoordinated, 
  • non-integrated, 
  • based on opinion, 
  • limited to needs, 
  • limited to goals, 
  • purchased by convenience, 
  • disorganized and not accessible. 

With a macro-economic model assets can be:

  • coordinated, 
  • integrated, 
  • based on facts, 
  • designed beyond needs, 
  • designed beyond goals, 
  • more easily implemented, 
  • organized and more accessible.

Four-Step Process of Macro Wealth Management

At Macro Wealth Management we work with a four step process.



At our initial meeting with you, you’ll get to discover hidden facts and valuable insights about economics and monetary theory as they relate to YOUR money. As part of the discovery process we get to know you, your wants and needs, and what you currently understand about how money works. In this crucial first step, you’ll begin to feel empowered with knowledge and with how our partnership can successfully move forward. 



Our second meeting delves deeper into your specific financial situation as well as your financial goals and objectives.  We begin by looking at all areas of your financial world in a very comprehensive and holistic fashion. We take a diagnostic approach by integrating the economic model and by doing so we can determine possible exposures and deficits that may be posing some unnecessary risk. We also work to determine what’s working well in your current situation. This second meeting is kind of like getting a financial MRI.  



Our third meeting is the design stage where we share with you our Executive Summary based on our findings from the Diagnostic stage. Here we are able to show you where there are exposures, make recommendations to eliminate those exposures and more importantly discuss financial strategies designed to increase the effective and efficient flow of money between assets. You can now see the economic and monetary principles that we use in action.



Once we complete our third meeting we are ready to implement our recommendations for you.  As part of the delivery stage we also monitor any changes in the economy and make any needed updates based on the client’s unique financial situation.  We will also schedule ongoing review meetings with you so you can let us know of any changes you may have had in your overall lifestyle. We are your strategic partners and your “macro managers” for you and your financial well being.

Customized Wealth Management Approach

You are a unique individual and you deserve a financial plan that is customized for you, from a team of experts. Macro Wealth Management will never take a “cookie cutter” approach with you. Instead, we get to know you and your story so that we can help you build an incredible future.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?


With more than over 45 years of collective experience, a myriad of top professional credentials, college degrees in finance and psychology and scores of very happy clients, Macro Wealth Management strives to be the best providers of education with a specialized focus on the impact of healthcare costs in retirement plans.


We have earned the trust of individuals and their families for more than 20 years. We treat you as if you were our own family member; with warmth and compassion.


The only way to have a business, in our opinion, is with rigorous honesty. We make sure in all of our interactions that you have the facts. Not only that, but pass on our continuous and ongoing education that we obtain for ourselves, to you. We get the facts and we make sure to share them with you.


You can count on us to answer your questions and respond in a timely manner. Open communication is key to a successful partnership and we take that very seriously.

We Are Here For You

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