Social Security and Medicare

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Social Security and Medicare

Both Social Security and Medicare play an essential role in most people’s lives as they move into retirement. Both provide benefits, but there are pitfalls that many people are unaware of that need to be taken into consideration when planning for retirement.

One Such example is that at age 65 or older, you will be making a decision regarding your healthcare in retirement, which is Medicare.   Medicare is not free.   Further Medicare is means-tested, and Medicare looks back every two years at adjusted gross income to determine your cost.  This cost reduces your Social Security income that you were anticipating and its related purchasing power.  

Macro Wealth Management, LLC, is in a unique position to educate and advise clients on both Social Security and Medicare and how these two programs impact your overall retirement plan.   Theresa Yarosh, President of Macro Wealth Management, LLC, founded a second company in 2015 called Main Street Medigap, LLC, which helps people understand and make the correct decisions when it comes to health care in retirement.  Also, she does numerous workshops on the subject matter as well as educating Certified Public Accountants for continuing education in the topics of Medicare and Social Security Claiming Strategies.  

By combining the intellectual capital gained from Main Street Medigap, LLC, regarding Social Security and Medicare along with the over 20 years experience in the Financial Services industry;  Theresa’s leadership focuses Macro Wealth Management, LLC on future income planning designed around the number one cost in retirement which is healthcare.   This future income planning also looks at strategies to optimize when to take Social Security.  See the link for a sample of one of our Social Security Claiming Strategy reports.  

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