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Holistic Approach

When you work with Macro Wealth Management, you’ll experience a holistic approach to managing your investments. That means we take you, as a whole person; emotionally and financially, into consideration when customizing your plan. We also take world economy factors seriously when helping you plan for your future.

Customized Portfolio

Everyone is different, with individual needs, wishes and concerns for the future. That’s why we feel it’s so important to get to know each and every client on a deep level in terms of what they want money to do for themselves and their families. Macro Wealth Management will guide your customized portfolio of assets to suit your objectives.

Investment Management Platform

Investment Management Platform

First and foremost, clients want to have someone on their side who works full time paying attention to the current economic and market changes that might affect a client’s investments and wellbeing and advise the client of the same.

Second, Clients need an experienced adviser to help them structure an investment portfolio that can achieve the safety and security they desire for their family and themselves.

Third having a Wealth Management Adviser review a client’s portfolio with them, on a scheduled basis, gives them the peace of mind that they are on track towards achieving their goals or discuss what changes should be made moving forward.

Fixed Income Platform

Fixed Income Platform

Depending on your age and appropriate level of risk, a portfolio containing bonds that mature at staggered times may work best for you. This lower-risk type of investment platform is known as a “bond ladder approach” or “laddering.”

Annuity Solutions

Annuity Solutions

We recognize how important it is to have dependable cash flow when you’re near or in retirement. An annuity is a type of investment/insurance product designed to create income throughout your golden years. Our wealth management firm offers varied annuity platforms meant to navigate around specific risks and taking into account your overall asset portfolio.

Annuities on our Platform include:

  • Immediate Annuities (guaranteed streams of income in exchange for a lump sum of cash)
  • Fixed Annuities (accumulate capital on a tax-deferred basis with a guaranteed fixed interest rate and guaranteed principal investment in exchange for a lump sum of cash)
  • Variable Annuities (accumulate capital on a tax deferred basis, you choose the investments, and your payout depends on the market performance of those investments)

Insurance Solutions

Insurance Solutions

If you’re going to be thorough about your financial planning, then you must take insurance into consideration. Insurance protects not only your own financial well-being, but it also guards your family from certain financial catastrophes. Think of insurance protecting your wealth like a moat keeps a castle safe. We offer four types of insurance that can protect your long-term goals, objectives and legacy planning. These include: 

Insurance products on our Platform include:

  • Disability Insurance (provides income in the event you become unable to work due to a disability.
  • Life Insurance (pays a sum of money to one or more beneficiaries upon your death)
  • Long Term Care Insurance (covers care that’s generally NOT covered by health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid)
  • Longevity Insurance (an annuity contract designed to provide payments starting at a pre-established future age e.g. 85


If you’re looking for great wealth management firms in New Jersey, consider Macro Wealth Management, LLC. We are experienced professionals who follow what’s happening in the larger, global picture of economics in order to help you gain, protect and sustain your wealth. The goal of our firm is to act as Macro-managers in order to coordinate all of your advisors, carriers, other providers and the products they use to work together in your best interest.

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